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Knotheads Wood Services

Knot Your Average Saps

  • Family Owned & Operated
  • 402-957-0072


Knotheads Wood Services is a full service wood supply company. We are family owned and operated. At Knotheads Wood Services it's our goal to build your trust by offering the best quality wood at the fairest prices we can. We provide services in Land Clearing, Saw Milling, Slabbed Wood, Flattening Lumber Services & Firewood. We also make Custom Furniture as well as other items. We are passionate about what we do and its our pleasure to help you in your wood needs.

knotheads wood services saw milling

Saw Milling

knotheads wood services firewood


knotheads wood services logging

Land Clearing

knotheads custom furniture

Custom Order


At Knotheads Wood Services we are passionate about our customers & offering them the best quality wood & services we can, we pride ourselves on having fair prices. We are family owned & operated so we take great pleasure in helping you with your wood needs. We love the stories behind the wood, where it came from & what it will become.

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