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New Location

We are moving to a new location please, call Melissa 402-957-0072 for your firewood pickup location, this will not affect any commercial accounts or residential firewood deliveries.

Holiday Hours:

We will be closed from Sun. Dec. 24th through Jan 1st 

We will reopen Jan. 2nd

Call 402-957-0072

Thanksgiving Hours

We will be closed the week of Thanksgiving 

Monday Nov 20th thru Tues. Nov 28th 

Thank you everyone!!!! 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!! 

We are Thankful for You All!!

Fall & Winter Hours 

Tuesday thru Friday 10:00 to 5:00

Saturday 8:00 to 3:00 

4th of July Weekend! 

We will be closing early Thursday June 30th & Closed Friday July 1st & Saturday July 2nd for the holiday weekend. We will reopen on Tuesday July 5th at the regular time. Thank you!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend & stay safe!  

Memorial Weekend 

Memorial Weekend Hours 

Friday we will close at 12:00

Saturday Closed  

Everyone Have a Wonderful Weekend

New Summer Hours for Saturdays

Please notice that our hours are 

Tuesday thru Friday 10 am until 5 pm 

& Saturday 8 am until 12 pm

SlabMizer Flattening Mill 

We now offer flattening services! We have a MB200 SlabMizer Flattening Mill with a large sanding attachment for a great finish! Our SlabMizer Flattener can work material up

 72" wide x 13' long & up to 9" thick. Our flattener can work wood slabs, boards, burls as well as cookies!  Call the office for pricing & availability! 

Spring Firewood Order! 

Extra Extra Read All About It! 

It's time to order Firewood! 

Three Reasons why to order in Spring! 

1) Stack it while it's warm outside!

2) Ensures for great seasoned firewood!

3) Availabiliy! Plan ahead & always have it!

Walnut Bar Top

Nate & Katie thank you for sharing! Your Walnut Bar Top looks amazing! Thank you for choosing Knotheads Wood Services for your wood supplies! We appreciate you both! 

Pin Oak Bar Top

Keith & Brenda Wow!! This Pin Oak Bar Top in so beautiful & stunning, fits this awesome room perfect! Thank you for choosing Knotheads Wood Services to be apart of this great project! We appreciate you both! It was a pleasure to work with you! 

Today one of Omaha's finest bistro's...Timber Wood Fire Bistro has asked Knotheads Wood Services to be their Oak wood supplier for your finest dining and eating experiences!!! So give a shout out and stop by their location at 8702 Pacific St. Tell them the Knotheads sent you!! We are thrilled to be a part!

Colby! Great job on this beautiful book case. I know your daughter had to love it!! Thank you for choosing Knotheads Wood Services to be apart of your lumber choices, we appreciate you! 

We Are At Our New Store Front

Please come and check us out at our new store front! 6111 N 90th St 68134 We are bring the inventory in!! We would love to see you!!

It's time to put your order in for Firewood

It's that time again! Get on the schedule for your firewood! You can pick up your order or we offer delivery. 

Call Melissa today! 402-957-0072 

Spalted Wood 

How does wood become Spalted? What makes it spalted? What does this mean? Well Spalted wood is in high demand in the wood workers world for adding more character to your wood projects. Spalting is caused by certain white-rot decay fungi growing in the wood, primarily hardwoods such as maple, birch, as well as others. The fungi create zone lines in the wood where territories of competing fungi meet. Wow very cool!

Smoking Wood! 

Great weekend to do some amazing outdoor cooking with some awesome smoking wood! 

We have Apple, Cherry, Pear and as always we have your favorite Oak too! 

Where's the MEAT!!

Start Your Weekend Off Right! 

Come by and get your firewood early so your ready to start your weekend off the right way! Relax by your firewood and have some down time! Enjoy!!


Has it been a long week? Is it time to relax this weekend and enjoy a little down time, bonfires are so peaceful and soothing it's a great way to kick back and enjoy a little R&R time!  

Come by and see us or Call 402-957-0072


Great weekend for bonfires!! Get ready today, come on by and get stocked up with your firewood! Our firewood is all  hardwood firewood so you get the best quality burn for your money! 

Walnut Custom Bed

A client of ours purchased Walnut from us and made this amazing beautiful bed! Mike thank you for sharing the picture and choosing Knotheads Wood Services for you lumber needs! Stunning work!

Rich is a client that had us make this awesome honey locust cutting board specifically for fishing! Rich is a local fishing guide. Look at these beauty's locally caught 10.5" Crappie and 17" Walleye! Wow way to go Rich!  Thank you for supporting Knotheads Wood Services Rich we appreciate you! 

Call us today for your wood needs at 402-957-0072. We look forward to talking to you about your wood needs. We have wood saw milled, and planned ready for your custom order whether you have us make it or you make it yourself, come pick out you wood today!  


The Bundle Barn is full of Firewood and ready for the weekend! If you are camping or relaxing out back by your fire pit don't forget to come by and get your firewood first! As always our firewood is a mixture of hard woods only, such as...ash, elm, hack-berry, honey locust, oak, walnut...etc. for a great quality burn.

What's Going ​On Now!

Saw Milling 

Portable Saw Mill for hire, you can bring your logs to us to saw mill or we can travel to you. We also sell individual boards or we can sell it by the pallet, we offer live edge as well as straight boards. We have many different species to offer such as Ash, Elm, Cedar, Hackberry, Honey Locust, Oak and Walnut etc... 

Firewood and Smoking Woods

Don't miss out on your firewood for the winter nights! We also sell many different smoking woods for cooking call for availability.

Our New Bundle Barn! 

The guys just built this fabulous Bundle Barn so we can keep our bundled wood dry and organized! Why to go gentlemen!! Come by today for you fire tonight! 


It's that time of year again to get scheduled for your firewood! Call today to get on the schedule for delivery or pick up! 


Perfect Time for a Fire!

The coolness is in the air, yep fall is here and what a great time for a bonfire! Whether your having a fire in your fire pit out back relaxing or inside the house enjoying your fireplace we have the firewood for you! All our firewood is hardwoods only such as ash, elm, hackberry, oak, walnut etc... It's seasoned and ready to go! It burns very nice! You will be pleased! Call today to get on the schedule for delivery or pick up! 402-957-0072

Land Clearing 

It was a pleasure to be a part of this land clearing project for Mike at Malibu Homes. It's always exciting to see new development happening in the Omaha area! Thanks Mike for letting us be a part! 

Wood Beams

We were so pleased to be a part of making these beauitful wood beams for  Robert McGill Construction, a renowned home builder here in omaha. Each beam was 16" x 8" x 8 ft long. 

Fire Wood

Fire Wood! It's a great time for back yard bonfires!! Great times! Come and see Knotheads Wood Services for you fire wood needs we offer great wood at great prices. Call today


Smoking Wood! There's never been a better time to smoke your favorite meats with some great smoking wood call 402-957-0072 

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