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Cooking Wood

 Smoking/Cooking Woods! 

Apple - $25.00 a bundle (+ tax)

Cherry - $25.00 a bundle (+ tax)

Hickory - $25.00 a bundle (+ tax)

Oak - $25.00 a bundle (+ tax) 

Pecan - $25.00 a bundle (+ tax) 

Please call for availability  



Please call for availability as this inventory changes often.

Apple - 1 Crate $325.00 (+ tax)

Cherry - 1 Crate $325.00 (+ tax)

Hickory - 1 Crate $325.00 (+tax)

Oak 1 Crate $ 250.00 (+ tax)

Pecan - 1 Crated 325.00 (+ tax)


Apple wood is mild, sweet with a fruity flavor. You can use apple to cook almost anything but it pairs nicely with pork, poultry & fish.



Cherry wood is mild, it is sweet with a little hint of fruitiness. Cherry is great with chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef  & game meat. Cherry is also great to mix with oak wood



Hickory wood is more intense than the fruit woods for a stronger flavor. It has a smoky spicy flavor & is great for beef & pork.  



Oak wood is very popular & a favorite by many people. Oak is less intense with a earthy flavor. It's great with pork, beef, poultry as well as really anything! Oak is a mild wood & not over powering. 

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