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We offer quality firewood at Knotheads Wood Services & we are passionate about offering you the best firewood possible. Our firewood is a mixture of dry seasoned hardwoods, as well as the premium woods to offer a hotter & longer burn.

Our firewood averages 16" to 18" in length & is split for easy handling. We do offer special orders for smaller cuts 12" & shorter, for those who have smaller stoves, $50.00 extra (+ tax) just let us know at the time of ordering. It's good to plan ahead on these orders so your wood can dry before using. Our firewood is always easy to pick up on site by appointment or we can deliver. 

We offer dry, seasoned firewood




We also offer bundles that you can pick up at any of our sites. 

(sorry we don't deliver bundles other than for our commercial accounts) 

Bundles are $12.00 each or 3 for $30.00 our bundles are generous.  

Our bundles are made up of the same firewood we use for indoor, same great quality hardwoods, 16" to 18" in length & split for easy handling.


Crates of Firewood 

We sell our firewood by the crates, (crate not included) 

our crates measure 47T x 40W x 40D (it's a truck load)

1 crate Mixed Hardwood Firewood $175.00 (+ tax) 


Heating Your Home or Shop

If you have a wood burning furnace in your home or shop & you would like to have a chunky style firewood no problem, or are you burning outside & rather have chunky for longer burn time? We offer chunky as well just let us know when you place your order.

Chunky Mixed Firewood - 1 Crate $150.00 (+ tax)

Crate size 49T x 46W x 40D




Yes we deliver! We deliver in Omaha $65.00.

Outside of Omaha please call for pricing.



Stacking is $75.00 for each crate





Split Firewood
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